-Fine Art  Pricing

A photoshoot in Bali where you become the subject of a work of art or a magazine style glamour portrait.
Our portrait couture portraits are created in the style of fine art painterly portraits and contemporary magazine style glamour. Using props, make-up, styling, lighting, posing direction and the appropriate location, either in studio, on location, or at your dream venue. Creating heirloom printed portraits  that will be cherished for  years to come by you and your loved ones. 


Portrait Couture

Portrait sitting 

2.5 Million

with 10 - 15x20 cm digital portraits 

  • Use of wardrobe

  • Consultation

  • Editing time

  • Shooting time

  • Use of equipment

Wall Art A la` Carte

Canvas Prints rolled or Stretched

40x60            1 Million

60x60            1.5 million

80x120           2.5 Million

100x150         3.5 Million

100x100         3.0 Million           

Prices do not include postage

Equivalent sized digital file comes with the