Portrait Couture -Fine Art /Glamour Pricing

A photoshoot in Bali where you become the subject of a work of art or a magazine style glamour portrait.

Our portrait couture portraits are created in the style of fine art painterly portraits and contemporary magazine style glamour. Using props, make-up, styling, lighting, posing direction and the appropriate location, either in studio, on location, or at your dream venue. Creating a heirloom printed portrait  that will be cherished for  years to come by you and your loved ones. 


Portrait Couture

Portrait sitting

1 million

Make-up Optional-

800 thousand

  • Use of wardrobe

  • Consultation

  • Editing time

  • Shooting time

  • Use of equipment

Digital Portrait

Fine art edited digital portraits, 10x7 inches

250 thousand each

Wall Art A la` Carte

7x10 inch   -   1.0 IDR Lustre paper with mat

11 1x14 inch -   1.5 IDR   "                       "

16x24 Inch -   1.5 IDR  Canvas 

35x24 inch -  2.0 IDR  Canvas  

30x45 inch -  3.2 IDR  Canvas  

40x60 inch -  4.5 IDR  Canvas    

Prices do not include postage

Equivalent sized digital file comes with the purchased portrait

Digital files are the same price as the printed portrait if purchased alone.