Personal Branding Photoshoot!

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One of most requested photoshoot styles at the moment is personal branding both in Bali and Darwin. I think this is because social media and web content together are the new style of advertising on the periphery. Entrepreneurs, start up businesses, small business, influencers etc, all need content to post everyday. Sometimes its easier to get a few months worth of content in an afternoon rather than trying to come up with new ideas everyday.

We work with you through a consult to determine what it is you want to communicate to

an audience, with your branding in mind and set out to create visual stories surrounding these concepts. A large amount of content can be generated in an afternoon. also the images can be used in a variety of ways to increase the usage, such as collages and cards for advertising and web banners etc.

Advertising on the periphery, advertising organically, by showing who you are authentically, in a realistic manner. You really want people or prospective clients, to take an interest in your product or service. To like what they see and possibly pay for your service or buy your product.

Your personal brand is what you reflect and express to your customers. It comes down to colour, style, a feel a mood, what it is you are putting across. No one wants spam in their feed so you have to be genuine and have something on offer that can solve a problem for a client or customer. Media content is a way to bring customers in by showing a more personal aspect of you and your brand. What do you post to express this? people are posting everyday aspects of their lives which can be an aspect they want to express and the aspect which is going to connect with a prospective client.

I have one client who has become an influencer by gaining a huge following

through showing the nitty gritty aspects of motherhood. She manufactures activewear and activewear for nursing mothers. Her audience is attracted to her style of posting and now she can advertise on the periphery to a captive audience.

People get to see what you want show. There will be a reason behind what it is you want to share everyday on social media. It could be images of you working or your healthy lifestyle as it relates to your product. You might want to show how down to earth you are and share some personal aspects of your life. Your happy family life, your chaotic family life, your pets perhaps, how you work out, how you don't work out. Dietary habits etc. it can be as varied and interesting as you are.

Social media and the internet have changed the landscape of advertising and how you connect with your customers. Personal branding is a new phenomenon for this time. Things change so fast and it's hard to keep ahead of the game. Hope this helps you to get started with your publicity.#personalbrandingphotography #bali #darwin #Personalbrandingdarwin

#personalbrandingbali #influencerphotoshoot #baliphotographer #darwinphotographer

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