Personal Branding in Bali!

Updated: Mar 1

Bali has become a well known hub for on-line marketers, enrtrpreneurs and influencers. Digital nomads is the new term for individuals who don't have to be attached to an office and therefore choose to base in ideal locations to get the work done. Its phenomenal to this digital age and it has changed the whole traditional concept of working 9-5 and sweating it out to pay for your static lifestyle in an expensive city. Its changing the way people view material possessions also as these become cumbersome and usually have to be shed before moving on.

Our identity and what we project to the outside world and prospective clients in these situations, is our on-line persona. You know the type of client your trying to reach and you want to attract this person with what you are projecting on-line, with your image. Hence we come to the personal branding portrait and the headshot. But its more than that. People now want web site content and a back-up of images to post on social media. Selfies are not up to scratch much off the time and photographers for this type of life style, influencer style shoot are in demand.

To understand the needs of my clients I work closely with them in my Bali studio, or on location to produce the on-line photographic content they are after. Lifestyle, website banners with the correct amount of space, quirky and formal poses, all depending on the clients needs. I work closely with the client to determine these needs and always look forward to repeat business to up-date the content they need.

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