A Maternity Family Lifestyle Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 2

The trend for composed maternity portraits continues. I love this style however I'm also in love with the more relaxed, lifestyle maternity portraits where the whole family is involved.

Here the portraits tell a story of the family and what's going on, capturing the precious, little moments of now. It's not always instagram happy, we know this and probably don't want to reflect the stress and the tension of every-day life in the portraits, so we look for the in-between moments of affection and love that are often overlooked in our hectic everyday family lives.

A photoshoot like this can take time. We don't always get it first go and small children are challenging at times, so we have to work around them, incorporating them into the photoshoot by enticement, not demands. There is a limited opportunity within a photoshoot to capture portraits of small children, not always, however mostly they will not be into the photoshoot so you have to work around them and engage them somehow. It's tricky but it can be done.

Next on the shoot list after we get the shots of mum dad and kids together in combinations it's time to focus on just mum and dad to show their relationship. Even though family life is hectic it's nice to express the relationship between mum and dad as a couple at this very special time in their lives.

Then of course we get some baby moon portraits of mum looking gorgeous at this time in her life. We do these photoshoots in Darwin and Bali.

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