Portrait Couture - A glamour/fine art photoshoot.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Portrait Couture

Why should models and performers or even influencers have all the fun? Who makes the rules about who can be glamourous or worthy of the subject of a fine art work, or a magazine spread for that matter? I suppose we get put off by what the mass media tell us is the ideal for beauty and we lose confidence. What we dont often realise is the people who are put in front of us have spent hours in make-up, styling prep and had their image re-touched in photoshop.

With a fine art/glamour style portrait sitting we try to encourage confidence by showing women and men, teens, children, that everyone has interesting, beautiful art worthy qualities. Whether you choose to have the makeup or not is an option.

Before the session we consult with you to find out how you want to be photographed either through email, or a phone call.

Once this is established you come in for your relaxing makeover and styling. A professional makeup artist will do your make-up and hair in our air conditioned make-up room. This usually takes about 1.5 hours. Listen to music and relax.

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Starting with your first outfit we proceed to our shooting list, where the lighting is set for the look you are after and you are directed with posing. So there is no need to worry about what you have to do. We expect nerves at first, so we ease you into it. Usually by the end our clients are acting like natural born models.

We arrange the props and outfits according to what suits between what you have at home and our wardrobe.

This is an experience that you will cherish forever as it's about giving that time and effort to yourself that you rarely do. Its taking time out for you. A gift for yourself, your confidence and your self worth. I love watching people gain that confidence.

Your portraits are finished off with professional editing and retouching, turning them into creative beautiful works of art. You only purchase the portraits you absolutely love. There is no obligation. We want you to have portraits you cherish.

Not just for women either, your imagination is the only limit to the creativity we can achieve. Couples, men, children, teens, dancers, etc. are welcome to have a stylised photoshoot alone or as part of a group.

Send a message to chat about your ideas for a professional photoshoot in Bali and Darwin. link to pricing and contact form -

Portrait Couture

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