Lighting for a Commercial Photoshoot on Location in Bali.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

This commercial product photoshoot happened in the lovely villa Jodi, situated in the heart of Seminyak. The photoshoot was for LeskesJewellers, with Bali based photographer Marion Ardana Portrait.

This was a fast paced on location photoshoot with quick changes and constant shooting for five hours in the humidity and heat of the 'build-up' to the monsoon season in Bali, Indonesia. Needless to say it was exhausting, in the humidity for everyone involved, however loads of fun, and very rewarding.

As a photographer shooting on location isn't always ideal in respect to lighting. The client wanted to use the villa pool as a feature for some shots and the harsh mid day sun was far from flattering for the models. When faced with this sort of situation you have to be prepared as you want the models and the product to appear at their best. We managed to manipulate the harsh sunlight with a scrim and some sheer curtains for diffusion which doubled as a a backlight at one stage. Both allowing gorgeous diffused light to fall on the models and the products. The villa verandah also had some nice diffused light and we made use of the natural light in the villa bathrooms also.

This was a product photoshoot with beautiful jewellery from Leske's Jewellers who are based in Port Pirie, South Australia, with a walk in shop as well as online shopping available. They have some gorgeous jewels including locally sourced opals which are just stunning.

With gorgeous models who followed the posing directions, professional editing in photoshop, as well as a superb team effort from all involved we managed to get some amazing shots for this commercial product photoshoot in Bali. Models #LiliAva, #lostwithlou #toniplummer

Leske's Jewellers

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