Commercial Product Photography in Bali

A commercial product photoshoot in Bali for Katrina Logan Jewellery. Katrina has a successful jewellery business in Bali where she manufactures amazing jewellery pieces and distributes them world wide to her customers. For this photoshoot we met at my house in Bali, where i have a home studio. We got very creative inside with lighting, posing and wardrobe. We made use of the natural light on the verandah, using props such as flowers. After this I took advantage advantage of some floral backgrounds from my garden, while continuing to use the lighting. I had to go for a much higher shutter speed here, to stop the background blowing out so I moved into high speed sinc, to continue using my light. As the subject would have been too dark with such a high shutter. I'm using a Godox AD 600 here with a 60 inch soft lighter diffuser. My D850 Nikon and an 85 mm lens.

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