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Updated: Mar 1

Family Lifestyle Location Photography

Because families are chaotic and we love the chaos. We are not after perfect. I think of lifestyle photography as being about perfect imperfections.

We understand that children don't understand the concept of a photoshoot, they jusy want to have fun and play. We understand that mums are going to stress about kids not wanting to be photographed and thats why we work around kids, catching them having fun, interacting, doing what they do.

The posing with children can only last for so long before defaulting back to how they are and thats when I work the fastest as I love capturing these natural interactions. These are the moments memories are made of- the little gestures, the connections that can be so sweet.

Families change so fast, in the blink of an eye they say. You want to be taken back to that time, to those feelings, to the smell of your childs hair, to the way they cuddled you and loved you so much. What do they say- A photo is a passport to another time. Capturing these moments are what makes this job worth while thats for sure.

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