Capturing Moments With Family Photography in Bali!

Updated: Mar 1

As well as traditional posed family portraits, we love to capture the in-between moments that show the personality, the lifestyle and the everyday way you and your family are today. When you look back at your portraits you want to remember the smell, the feeling, the closeness of your family at that time. The posed portrait has its place also as a record of what we looked like and as an art work in its own right, however the bits in-between are just as important, if not more so.

Sometimes it feels like your locked in time and this will all last forever however we all know everything moves so fast, and we don't notice the small changes, therefore your perception of these portraits is constantly changing. imagine in 10 years, 20 years or 30 or 40. These portraits become a passport back to another time.

One day they will be your most treasured family objects. Printing is encouraged as we all know technology changes and hard-drives break. many of us have that treasured box of old prints of our grandmothers, our mothers when they were young. They are valuable and this is a tradition that we continue to pursue as we do continue as a culture to value portraits.

The portraits here were all taken in Bali, Indonesia and Byron Bay, Australia.

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