A Celebrity Makeover and Magazine style Glamour Photoshoot In Bali With Gypsy!

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Gypsy is a doctor in Bali! She also spends a lot of her time dedicated to underprivileged people in the remote areas of Bali! Her work can be exhausting and confronting. She sees things that most people have no idea about! When I asked Gypsy how she wanted to be photographed she replied with "I want the shoot to be about happiness and warmth." After chatting with Gypsy I discovered its because she sees the beauty in life and in all people no matter what the circumstance. I think the images I created for her reflect beauty and warmth. They make me happy when I look at them! I think the flower crown she chose is set off superbly with the back lighting!

A celebrity style glamour Photoshoot in Bali

More of the backlight giveing a soft glowing happy feel!

Gypsy enjoyed her makeover and loved posing for the camera. She was Happy to dress up and try different items from our wardrobe and of course she chose the biggest happiest flower crown in the wardrobe!

A before make-up shot of Gypsy in Bali studio

Beautiful Gypsy before her makeover outside the make-up room in the Bali studio!

A fine art portrait from our celebrity style glamour photoshoot.

When Gypsy told me of how she wanted to appear in the photoshoot I made this golden tulle skirt for her to expand on the theme! We added some blue butterfly to set the look off! She really does look like a fairy princess. Something from a story book! This idea really suits Gypsy's whimsical nature!

I think we managed to get great results from this shoot as we had a theme in mind before hand. We didn't know how the images were going to look before meeting, but Im very happy with the results and so is Gyspy!

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