A Magazine Style, Fine Art/Glamour Dress-Up Portrait  Sitting

A portrait sitting in Bali, for men, women and children, where you become the subject of a work of art, a contemporary magazine style portrait. This is a transformation service, where you can choose to be  treated to a professional makeover with hair and makeup as well as wardrobe styling.
Our portrait couture portraits are created in the style of fine art painterly portraits and contemporary magazine style glamour. Using props, make-up, styling, lighting, posing direction and the appropriate location, either in studio, on location, or at your dream venue. Creating a heirloom printed portrait  that will be cherished for the years to come by you and your loved ones. 
Fine Art/Glamour BLOG

A fine art portrait of a woman dressed up using props. The portrait is hanging on the wall.

Portrait Couture

Fine Art Portrait

The fine art portrait is Influenced by the old  masters, created  with  lighting, and a painterly style akin to an old masters painting. I search for props and clothing to create a bespoke experience which is unique and personal to you. The portrait becomes an artwork, a celebration of self to place as centre stage in your house or office. 

Contemporary Glamour Portrait
Contemporary Magazine Style portraits are designed to promote confidence while expressing your individual style.
You can have a combination of fine art and contemporary glamour in one sitting.. Both styles of portrait sitting come with directed posing, lighting, editing to suit, and styling using props, hair and makeup, location/backgrounds. You are encouraged to bring your own wardrobe items, however we have some wardrobe items and props to choose from. We can also arrange some props for you sitting.

In this day and age with everything becoming digital I'm taking my photography back to beautiful real images that can be appreciated and exist in the now. Exquisite portraits that are printed on canvas or  fine art/lustre photographic paper and beautifully mounted ready for an ornate gilded frame and to take centre stage as statement of just how worthy you are. Folio boxed sets or individual prints in a variety of sizes are available. I am very excited about my printed fine art and contemporary magazine style glamour  portraits! 

A lay flat of a variety of objects used in a glamour photoshoot. Flower crowns, lens for a camera,